MORE Meet the Treeman

My personal life mission statement: Return the human race back to the trees.

Treeman’s Climbing History:

THE tree climber as a child in the family. Never fell out of a tree.

Rock climber in Estes Park, Colorado. “Lumpy Ridge” area. 1957-1967

Tree worker/ ISA Certified Arborist with my own business (Treeman Inc.) for 30 years. Now retired.

Tree climbing instructor with Tree Climbers International, since 1983. Still teaching.

Tree inspector with Ground and aerial inspections since 2006. Still snooping around looking for risky trees and giving advice.

My favorite climbing experiences:

Night climbs when the fireflies are out and the katydids are playing a lively symphony in the treetops.

Sleeping overnight in a Tree boat hammock and calling owls to my tree (during off-breeding season) for an intra-species conversation.

Tree surfing in the treetops. I have a 125-foot loblolly pine named “Breeze” with a fixed line that will get me up 100 feet when the wind waves are washing over the forest.

Current projects:

Writing this blog and providing great content and photos.

Creating an audio podcast, “The Tree Climbing Show”; The podcast for tree climbers! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Other occupations/talents:

Speaker. I talk to audiences about how to spot a dangerous tree (a personal crusade) and recreational tree climbing.

Voice over. I have a home recording studio and do voice work for my podcast and storytelling.

Personal Notes:

Married life: I proposed to my wife Patty after climbing 167 feet high and spending the night in a 1000 year old Sitka spruce in the Hoh Rain Forest, Washington. Rita Braver with CBS Sunday Morning was there to do a story on recreational tree climbing. Everyone on the climb knew I was to going to propose except my bride to be. The piece aired October 20, 2002, the day after my wedding. My wife and I work as a team with our tree related businesses. We have no children.

Pets: We have three cats: Bean, a young female Talkanese, Goose, another young female Talkanese cat, and Leroy, a blaze point Siamese cat (the elder).

Interests: Both my wife and I are avid birders. Patty works in a glassed in office at home overlooking 6 bird feeding stations. She’s always ready with her binoculars and identification books. The avid and often comedic squirrel population near our feeders brings in the hawks.

I'm an avid reader. I read a lot about trees, nature, and occasional fiction.

I am a photographer. I take pictures of trees, people in trees, and other nature subjects. One of my main interests is the study of tree hazards and tree failure. I photograph a lot of trees I visit while I am out doing tree inspections.

My newest interest is recording sounds (sound sampling) with a digital recorder. Did you know trees have different “voices.” They also express different emotions with wind velocities.

My shortcomings: I have difficulty remembering people’s birth names. It’s a source of embarrassment when I am out with other tree climbers. I am better at remembering a person’s “climbing name.”

FUN FACT: If I were a tree I would have more than 60 rings.